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Customer Service Team November 14th, 2018

Update: New default version for MySQL, Aurora MySQL and Redis

We are always working to provide best and most efficient services at AWS for all customers.

In order to provide most recent features, higher security and higher performance for your application, we have updated our default settings to the following:

  • RDS MySQL 5.7.23
  • RDS Aurora for MySQL 5.7.23
  • ElastiCache for Redis 5.0.0

This change will NOT affect already provisioned resources but will be automatically applied when new resources are created. 

When you have further questions, please get back to us at


  • 19.11.2018: Additionally we have increased default version for memcached to 1.5 with AWS support (

Customer Service Team June 11th, 2018

Update: Amazon ElastiCache Mandatory Maintenance in next 2-3 weeks

AWS reached out to us that they need to apply mandatory updates for ElastiCache service. This update will effect all regions and include mandatory patches to improve security, reliability and operational performance.

In case of single instances there will be a short service interruption which may effect your project availability. You can read more about ElastiCache maintenance at [1].

root360 will contact all customers which have ElastiCache service in place to find best suitable maintenance window. 
For any question, feel free to get back to us at



  • ElastiCache patches to improve security, reliability and operational performance