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Customer Service Team September 18th, 2018

Bugfix: Wrong return code for successful deployments

At the moment root360 code deploy is returning code 10 in successful case instead of 0. 
This may break your existing CI/CD processes. 

We are working to fix this issue and keep you updated here.



  • 14:11: released hotfix for return code

Customer Service Team August 30th, 2018

Update: Deprecation of old legacy deploy scripts and​

As we rolled out our cloud management CLI suite 'r3' [1] almost a year ago, we are deprecating the old legacy commands for deploying customer code into our infrastructure. 
This affects the following commands:


Starting today those commands will deploy the code and always return code 250 and a deprecation message when the deploy was successful.
You should switch to the r3-command to deploy your code [2] by 27th September 2018. After this date the mentioned commands will be removed.

root360 Cloud Management CLI Suite r3

Default Deployment: How deployment via CLI is working

Docker (ECS) Deployment: root360 Container Platform Deployment 


  • Due to a security patch the deploy script is deprecated since today. Please check your deployment processes.

Moritz April 26th, 2018

Update: GitLab Service disrupted

Currently the GitLab Service is experiencing disruptions. This might cause deployment failures.

The status can be checked at


  • Problems should be resolved.

  • The problems occur again

  • Problems should be resolved by Gitlab.

Timo March 22nd, 2018

Update: deployments using fail

We've noticed an increased amount of errors in deployments that use

We are in contact with to locate the cause.

We'll keep you posted here.


  • 11:30 Our tests show that the regions Ireland and USA are not affected by this issue.

  • 13:00 Bitbucket confirmed an issue of the connection between there data centers causing this issue

  • see for current status on Bitbuckets side

  • 13:45 Bitbucket found the cause with their network vendor and are working to solve it


  • 17:00 issue was solved by Bitbucket and there network vendor; our tests confirm that the issue is solved

Customer Service Team March 22nd, 2018

Update: root360 Deployment 4x faster

Root360 Code Deploy downloads the source code of our customers onto a storage within the infrastructure. (see our blog post [1] for more details)
During this process the source code is compressed to improve download speed during the scaling of the web servers.

We now improved the compression process to be up to 4 times faster.
Our tests showed no impact on the scaling time of the web servers and reduced the compression time for 600 MB source code from ~4 minutes to ~50 seconds.

This speedup is now live for all our customers.



  • root360 Deployment

Customer Service Team March 20th, 2018

Update: root360 Cloud Management CLI February Release

Today, we released our late february release of the Cloud Management CLI.

The changes focused on:

- major bugfixes for container deployment (r3 container) and database management (r3 db) as well as minor fixes for CLI auto-completion

- reorganisation of the code for regular software deployments (r3 [instance] deploy)

The update had been released to all customer environments in all regions this morning.

Customer Service Team February 6th, 2018

New Feature: root360 Cloud Management CLI January Release

The latest Updates for r3 had been released to all customer environments. Besides providing prettier response to ease understanding we focused on supportive functions for the deployment process. From now on you can not only see, which roles you are able to deploy, you can also find out what are the actual sources configured per default for them (1).

Furthermore we updated and extended our Knowledge Base articles on the topic. Feel free to visit our Knowledge Base (2) or the handbook on r3 (3).




New Features

  • r3 [instance] deploy --list-sources [-r, --role ROLENAME]


  • r3 [instance] deploy --list-roles


  • r3 instance list

Customer Service Team August 26th, 2017

Update: Deploy Command updated

We reduced the amount of error messages printed out by our command. See

Error messages that are the result of other failing deployment steps are now skipped unless full debug mode (-dd) is used. This way real error messages can be found easily in the output.