Releases involving Steffen

Steffen February 6th, 2019

Bugfix: Hotfix roll out for root360 central logging

root360 offers for all managed environment a central logging service [1] to support flexible cloud resources. 

The free logging service merges logs from all instances to one place at bastion host for each environment - this happens at real time for all registered log files of all roles and instances. Also the service automatically masks IP addresses in the compressed log files used for long-term logging. With this feature central logging service ensures compliance with GDPR (DSGVO) requirements and stores only masked IP addresses like

Starting today we will roll out a hotfix for the root360 central logging system which prevents mixed logs during masking process for some customers. The new process adds multiple validations which causes a slightly higher resource consumption at affected bastion hosts.
It might be required to reboot the bastion host which causes a very short downtime. 

This might break any persistent SSH connections (e.g. SSH tunnel/OpenVPN) to your bastion host so you will be required to reconnect your service.

We plan to finish the whole roll out until 15th of February.

If you have further questions, please get in touch with us at


Customer Service Team November 14th, 2018

Update: New default version for MySQL, Aurora MySQL and Redis

We are always working to provide best and most efficient services at AWS for all customers.

In order to provide most recent features, higher security and higher performance for your application, we have updated our default settings to the following:

  • RDS MySQL 5.7.23
  • RDS Aurora for MySQL 5.7.23
  • ElastiCache for Redis 5.0.0

This change will NOT affect already provisioned resources but will be automatically applied when new resources are created. 

When you have further questions, please get back to us at


  • 19.11.2018: Additionally we have increased default version for memcached to 1.5 with AWS support (

Steffen September 6th, 2018

Update: New features for root360 Cloud Dashboard “Orbiter”

On Monday we released new features for our dashboard “Orbiter”. Now, it offers even more details about your AWS infrastructure in one compressed view.

Integration of ECS (Elastic Container Service)

With the update “Orbiter” gives you more insights in your Docker containers. You can keep an eye on the workload of your containers run on ECS on our own. If you think limits should be adjusted, just let us know.


Integration of CDN (CloudFront) & Elastic Search

You can also monitor your CDN and Elastic Search in the “Orbiter”.



AWS CloudFront:


Our next steps:

Our work at the “Orbiter” is still not finished. In the next release we are planning to add ECS Log Files and an overview about backups and how to restore.

Get in touch with our root360 Dashboard at
If your not registered yet, please contact us at

New Features

  • Integration of ECS (Elastic Container Service)

  • Integration of CDN (CloudFront) & Elastic Search

  • Storage information for EC2 instances

Customer Service Team March 18th, 2018

New Feature: New C5 and M5 instance support in eu-central-1 and other regions


Recently AWS announced C5 and M5 support in eu-central-1 region [1] as well as other regions before. New C5 instances are offered with "25% price/performance improvement over the C4 instances" based on Intels "Skylake" processor and a more powerful Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) for higher instance bandwidth.

Root360 will support new C5 and M5 instance family for dedicated customer workloads in eu-central-1 and many other regions. We support C5 and M5 instances with Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) by using an optimized root360 image to boot from.

If you want us to upgrade your environment, please get in touch with us at