Releases involving DMC Krauser

Customer Service Team September 3rd, 2018

Update: improved default configuration on our servers

We got a lot of feature requests concerning the default configuration of our servers.
Today we'll release changes that implement most of those requests.

The new configuration includes:

  • GNU Screen has a new configuration which:
    • starts nmon on screen #1 at start
    • starts bash on screen #2 at start
    • activates bash completion
    • shows status line at the bottom with hostname, running screens, system load and datetime
  • Bash stores last 9M commands and entered datetime in history
  • the message shown at SSH-login now includes the links to our documentation and support websites
    • if you are patient enough you can see up to 14 different images (here is one)
Customer Service Team August 30th, 2018

Update: Deprecation of old legacy deploy scripts and​

As we rolled out our cloud management CLI suite 'r3' [1] almost a year ago, we are deprecating the old legacy commands for deploying customer code into our infrastructure. 
This affects the following commands:


Starting today those commands will deploy the code and always return code 250 and a deprecation message when the deploy was successful.
You should switch to the r3-command to deploy your code [2] by 27th September 2018. After this date the mentioned commands will be removed.

root360 Cloud Management CLI Suite r3

Default Deployment: How deployment via CLI is working

Docker (ECS) Deployment: root360 Container Platform Deployment 


  • Due to a security patch the deploy script is deprecated since today. Please check your deployment processes.

Customer Service Team March 22nd, 2018

Update: root360 Deployment 4x faster

Root360 Code Deploy downloads the source code of our customers onto a storage within the infrastructure. (see our blog post [1] for more details)
During this process the source code is compressed to improve download speed during the scaling of the web servers.

We now improved the compression process to be up to 4 times faster.
Our tests showed no impact on the scaling time of the web servers and reduced the compression time for 600 MB source code from ~4 minutes to ~50 seconds.

This speedup is now live for all our customers.



  • root360 Deployment