Timo September 12th, 2018

Update: Tidesways 5 now available on root360 cloud platform

With the release of Tideways 5, our customers now have the opportunity to use the new features of Tideways 5 to monitor the performance of their applications and to debug them on their server.

Tideways 5 now offers a more detailed view of the metrics:

5b98ea263c798_Tideways 1.png

Analyse traces to find long lasting querys and which component is involved:

5b98ed157389f_TIdeways 2.png

If you already use Tideways and would like to upgrade to version 5, then you can contact our support and upgrade them.

For questions about Tideways, please contact our customer service at https://support.root360.cloud

Find more information about Tideways 5 onĀ https://tideways.com/profiler/...

New Features

  • capturing more data in monitoring mode

  • always capture the total performance of SQL, HTTP, Redis, Memcache, File I/O and other downstream services for monitoring purposes

  • Memory Profiling

  • simpler and better transaction naming