Customer Service Team February 6th, 2018

New Feature: root360 Cloud Management CLI January Release

The latest Updates for r3 had been released to all customer environments. Besides providing prettier response to ease understanding we focused on supportive functions for the deployment process. From now on you can not only see, which roles you are able to deploy, you can also find out what are the actual sources configured per default for them (1).

Furthermore we updated and extended our Knowledge Base articles on the topic. Feel free to visit our Knowledge Base (2) or the handbook on r3 (3).




New Features

  • r3 [instance] deploy --list-sources [-r, --role ROLENAME]


  • r3 [instance] deploy --list-roles


  • r3 instance list

Customer Service Team January 26th, 2018

Update: add PHP 7.2 support


From today we support PHP version 7.2 with full compatibility to New Relic PHP and Tideways extension.

New Features

  • add PHP

Customer Service Team August 26th, 2017

Update: Deploy Command updated

We reduced the amount of error messages printed out by our command. See

Error messages that are the result of other failing deployment steps are now skipped unless full debug mode (-dd) is used. This way real error messages can be found easily in the output.

Customer Service Team June 21st, 2017

New Feature: Support for Non-PHP Webframeworks

If you are using webframeworks with different languages than PHP e.g. Django, nodejs-express or CherryPy we now have your covered too.

We implemented the process manager supervisord (see our documentation in our infrastructure. With this tool you can run and manage scripts running in daemon mode without worrying about the init script that starts it at system boot.

If you need this feature just contact us.

New Features

  • add supervisord support

New Feature: PHP Multi-Version Support

We now support the installation of different PHP version (currently 5.6, 7.0, 7.1) for different roles on the same server within root360 infrastructure.

That means you can run 2 applications on one server while one uses PHP 5.6 and the other PHP 7.0.

New Features

  • add support different PHP version (currently 5.6, 7.0, 7.1) for different roles on the same server