Timo April 24th, 2018

Bugfix: Currently DNS problems effects availability of websites


We noticed some DNS problems occurring while accessing some websites. The problems aren't located at AWS only.

We will keep you updated.


  • 15:00 AWS also confirmed DNS resolution errors using third party DNS resolvers /

  • 15:30 AWS resolved the issues

Timo April 10th, 2018

Update: How to / Why request a vulnerability / penetration test

In order to prevent outage and security alerts caused by a penetration or vulnerability test, we require to announce this kind of automated test 3 business days before. We will also forward this information to AWS to ensure no actions will be taken during the test. Please note that only tests are allowed which are compliant to the AWS acceptable use policy and AWS penetration tests rules.

See our form https://root360.atlassian.net/...

Customer Service Team April 4th, 2018

Update: Backup policy corrected for single application instances

During our regular quality process we corrected our backup policy at [1] to present the correct backup interval of 7 days. This change affects "Application servers whose data are locally managed and modified by SFTP or SSH, for example". The updated backup interval of 7 days was already configured for all affected instances.

If you require a longer backup interval, please get in touch with us at support@root360.de. 

[1] https://root360.atlassian.net/...

Timo April 3rd, 2018

Update: Currently npm installation fails

Currently the npm installation fails on our environments due to an internal npm failure. We are working on a patch right now.


  • 14:30 The patch for the broken npm was now rolled out in our environments, which fixes the npm installation issues.

Timo March 22nd, 2018

Update: deployments using Bitbucket.org fail

We've noticed an increased amount of errors in deployments that use Bitbucket.org.

We are in contact with Bitbucket.org to locate the cause.

We'll keep you posted here.


  • 11:30 Our tests show that the regions Ireland and USA are not affected by this issue.

  • 13:00 Bitbucket confirmed an issue of the connection between there data centers causing this issue

  • see https://status.bitbucket.org/ for current status on Bitbuckets side

  • 13:45 Bitbucket found the cause with their network vendor and are working to solve it


  • 17:00 issue was solved by Bitbucket and there network vendor; our tests confirm that the issue is solved

Customer Service Team March 22nd, 2018

Update: root360 Deployment 4x faster

Root360 Code Deploy downloads the source code of our customers onto a storage within the infrastructure. (see our blog post [1] for more details)
During this process the source code is compressed to improve download speed during the scaling of the web servers.

We now improved the compression process to be up to 4 times faster.
Our tests showed no impact on the scaling time of the web servers and reduced the compression time for 600 MB source code from ~4 minutes to ~50 seconds.

This speedup is now live for all our customers.

[1] https://www.root360.de/skalierbares-cloud-deployme...


  • root360 Deployment

Customer Service Team March 20th, 2018

Update: root360 Cloud Management CLI February Release

Today, we released our late february release of the Cloud Management CLI.

The changes focused on:

- major bugfixes for container deployment (r3 container) and database management (r3 db) as well as minor fixes for CLI auto-completion

- reorganisation of the code for regular software deployments (r3 [instance] deploy)

The update had been released to all customer environments in all regions this morning.

Customer Service Team March 18th, 2018

New Feature: New C5 and M5 instance support in eu-central-1 and other regions


Recently AWS announced C5 and M5 support in eu-central-1 region [1] as well as other regions before. New C5 instances are offered with "25% price/performance improvement over the C4 instances" based on Intels "Skylake" processor and a more powerful Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) for higher instance bandwidth.

Root360 will support new C5 and M5 instance family for dedicated customer workloads in eu-central-1 and many other regions. We support C5 and M5 instances with Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) by using an optimized root360 image to boot from.

If you want us to upgrade your environment, please get in touch with us at support@root360.de

[1] https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/whats-new/2018/02...

Timo March 8th, 2018

New Feature: Memcached Amplification: New DDoS attack has no effect on root360 infrastructures

The newly discovered ability to exploit publicly available memcaches for DDoS attacks is now even easier with ready-made tools. Nevertheless, it is not possible to misuse memcaches used in Root360 infrastructures because they are securely located in the application network and are not publicly accessible. Further information can be found in our Quickstart.

Timo March 2nd, 2018

Bugfix: AWS disruption on 1. March 2018 between 23:41 CET and 23:56 CET

Between 23:41 CET and 23:56 CET some EC2 instances experienced elevated DNS resolution errors in the EU-CENTRAL-1 and EU-WEST-1 Region. As a result of this, some AWS services experienced elevated errors and increased latency. The issue has been resolved and the service is operating normally.