Customer Service Team August 30th, 2018

Update: Deprecation of old legacy deploy scripts and​

As we rolled out our cloud management CLI suite 'r3' [1] almost a year ago, we are deprecating the old legacy commands for deploying customer code into our infrastructure. 
This affects the following commands:


Starting today those commands will deploy the code and always return code 250 and a deprecation message when the deploy was successful.
You should switch to the r3-command to deploy your code [2] by 27th September 2018. After this date the mentioned commands will be removed.

root360 Cloud Management CLI Suite r3

Default Deployment: How deployment via CLI is working

Docker (ECS) Deployment: root360 Container Platform Deployment 


  • Due to a security patch the deploy script is deprecated since today. Please check your deployment processes.

Customer Service Team August 22nd, 2018

Update: Hipchat service cancellation by end of August 2018

As already announced Atlassian will not continue their Hipchat cloud service. You may read the full story at

Hipchat has been a great platform to support customers during migration phase to the AWS powered root360 platform. Today, we will announce the end of the hipchat service for all customer as well. We will discontinue the service by end of August 2018. 

As we like to chat with you, we published a new chat service paired with our customer support portal. After you successful logged in to, you will see a small orange bubble on the bottom right.


By clicking this chat icon you will be transferred immediately to a customer support agent. 


We will answer as soon as possible to support you. 

Please keep in mind, that we will only support chat during business hours. In the event of a fault, please call +49 (0) 341 39 280 907-7 or send us a ticket via

Customer Service Team July 19th, 2018

Bugfix: Today's AWS Network Connectivity Issues

In the night between 1:39 AM UTC and 1:49 AM UTC AWS experienced network connectivity issues for some instances in a single Availability Zone in the EU-CENTRAL-1 Region. This may have affected your availability during this period. 

We have reviewed the components and do not see any malfunction of currently running instances. The issues has been resolved by AWS at 2:34 AM UTC officially.

If you have further issues which may be related to this outage, please get back to us at



  • 11:04 fixed time in post

Customer Service Team June 11th, 2018

Update: Amazon ElastiCache Mandatory Maintenance in next 2-3 weeks

AWS reached out to us that they need to apply mandatory updates for ElastiCache service. This update will effect all regions and include mandatory patches to improve security, reliability and operational performance.

In case of single instances there will be a short service interruption which may effect your project availability. You can read more about ElastiCache maintenance at [1].

root360 will contact all customers which have ElastiCache service in place to find best suitable maintenance window. 
For any question, feel free to get back to us at



  • ElastiCache patches to improve security, reliability and operational performance

Bugfix: root360 central logging system - masking issue

To comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) we released an update of our central logging system last week.

One of the new feature is masking of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses during logrotation.

That way the current log files provide the IP addresses for log analysis but older compressed logfiles (e.g. from yesterday) are cleaned.

Under some circumstances the masking of IPv6 addresses also masked timestamps and other strings that are not IPv6 addresses.

We just released an update that fixes this issue.

If you have questions concerning the root360 central logging system you can read our documentation.

For issues with the root360 central logging system please contact our support team via ticket system or via mail at

Update: temporary disruption - limited accessibility of the root360 Customer Service

Due to a regional disturbance of the Internet connection, we have currently limited access. The communication via our ticket system as well as the telephony is affected by the disruption. We are already in contact with all involved service providers to solve the problem as fast as possible.

We will keep you updated via this channel.


  • 12:10 disruption is solved by our service provider

New Feature: root360 central logging system - improved log rotation and IP masking

The root360 logging system is an overall collector for technical and custom logs. Logs will be transferred to a unique place and merge into a single log per instance role. This solutions provides the most sophisticated way to transfer and monitor logs of scaling instances even with a limited lifetime.


As of 31st of May 2018 we will release a major update for root360 central logging system. Following changes will be applied for all managed logs in root360 central logging system:

  • Data retention will be 90 days of anonymized logs
  • Log rotation will take place on daily basis
  • IP masking will be applied after 1 day masking IPv4 and IPv6

This will affect logs which are registered via "register-log" [1] and "check-log-registration" [2] as well. Besides that, all customers will still be able to debug, aggregate and analyze most recent log files without any masking. Masking for IPv4 and IPv6 will be applied to the logs at first rotation only.

This action is required to fulfill latest requirements of DS-GVO (GDPR) for our customers. 

In case you will need a different log solution besides the upcoming changes, please get in touch with us at

We will be happy to support you.



New Features

  • mask IPv4 and IPv6 for all managed logs

  • force a pre-defined data retention

  • save disc space and log processing overhead

  • fulfill DS-GVO (GDPR) requirements

Timo May 23rd, 2018

Update: We are currently not available via and our ticket system

Currently we have no possibility to receive and send messages via and our ticket system. We are already in contact with the provider of our ticket system. We apologize for this circumstance and keep you up to date.


  • 14:15 - problems are resolved

Timo May 16th, 2018

Update: root360 Dashboard is getting new features

We've updated the root360 Dashboard with new features that allow our customers to get even more information about their environments. See our new features below.


We now offer our customers 14 days to look back in their metric graphs.



We have now given our customers the opportunity to see triggered CloudWatch alerts in the orbiter.


Alarm Thresholds

Our customers now see the set alarm thresholds in the graph and when they have been exceeded.


Mobile View

Always well informed on the way. Our dashboard now has a responsive design, allowing our customers to keep track of their environment from any device.


Get in touch with our root360 Dashboard at

If your not registered yet, please contact us at

New Features

  • extension of the time period from max. 6 hours to max. 14 days backwards

  • mobile view

  • added alarm threshold to graphs

  • see alarms for every single service

Timo May 9th, 2018

Update: Security enhancements for ssh connections

To increase security for our customers, we have increased security for SSH connections by disabling weak encryption, key exchange protocols, and MAC algorithms.